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Pastor Fredrick Makhanu Wafula is a Kenyan, born 1973, in Bungoma County in Mayanja village. I attended Mayanja primary School and then successfully joined Kabula High School. I studied General Agriculture in Masinde Muliro University. Later I joined bible school and studied Pastoral Ministry and Church planting , and project development with Faith Leaders International Ministries. I attained knowledge in Child psychology and Counselling with Catechist of Good Shephard. Iam married, blessed with 6 beloved children; 3 boys and 3 girls and adopted 14 children who are orphans.

I have worked with my community for a period of 17 years and have planted 25 churches in different regions, 15 within Bungoma County and others are spread throughout Kenya. In this capacity , I have 1 orphanage which is located in Mayanja, Kibuke location, Bumula Sub-county, The orphanage has a total of 220 children’s who are under home based care program. This is the program which is run from homes of different church members and pastors who are supporting this children on their low income which sometimes make them go empty stomach.

Currently iam the Senior Pastor of The Hope Movement Missions in Kenya. In March of the year 1999, while in long season prayer and fasting, the Lord put a burden on my heart concerning preaching His word to the lost, reaching out to raise the standards of the poor, and to bring hope to the hopeless and homeless. This word was from the book of James 1:27; this word never gave me peace nor rest until when i sought the Lord on how He specifically wanted me to fulfil His assignment, that is when He gave me the direction to launch the Ministry of the Hope Movement. We focus on preaching Christ Jesus the Hope for the hopeless, we allow Him by His power to destroy yokes, bondages, minister deliverance to the oppressed hearts, and give wise counsel to God’s children because He is the Wise Counsellor. In all our meetings we have witnessed miracles, signs and wonders as God stepped in to confirm and vindicate His word and set captives free.

Owing to the need to raise effective churches, competent ministers, and the urge to realize vision to reality, God led us to start leadership discipleship classes to train and equip the new converts in spiritual life and Ministry. We started the slogan “turning members to ministers”. So this one has grown radically over the years and in 2014, it translated to a Bible College that is even training pastors from neighboring churches from the community. By God’s grace and enablement Faith Community Bible School was launched in 2014.

Our vision and commission allows us to network, team up with all other bodies, individuals and churches in advancing the Gospel and touching lives both spiritually and in physical needs. We welcome all parties that are interested in working with us to accomplish our desired goals.

Our challenges and needs vary depending on the location of the churches, orphans and the less fortunate.

Church needs

a) Acquisition of land

b) Empowering pastors financially through initiating income generating projects

c) Building church structures and purchase of instruments

d) Getting spiritual resources, training manuals for members and leaders

Orphans needs

a) Education

b) Shelter

c) Food

d) Medical

e) Uniform

f) Reliable supply of clean water

Widows needs

a) Food

b) Shelter

c) Income generating projects

d) Faming land

Bible school needs

a) Land to build specious lecture rooms

b) Furniture

c) Computer to help in research hence improve in their studies

d) Library of books, concordances, Bible dictionaries, commentaries and leadership books and materials

e) Swahili Bible to help those who don’t know English

Please feel free to ask any question or query that you still need more light to be shade upon.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Fredrick Makhanu Wafula

The Hope Movement Missions in Kenya

p.o box 1686 Bungoma 50200

Kenya East Africa



Email address:

Skype Name: fredrick.makhanu

Phone No. +254706695607 Bungoma Widows and Orphans CBO.

The above happened or came to us as a result of house to house evangelism which we were doing as part of our ministry work of reaching and praying with the hopeless, homeless less privileged and the poor in the community and this made us to get in conduct of this orphans and widows that we are caring today in our orphanage.

Among this children we got them with different situations or needs and problems such as some were suffering from inborn diseases, chronic skin diseases Hiv/Aids infected and affected and typhoid even dysentery.

I and my staff were touched to take this children/orphans and care for them,

The orphans are aged between 6 years old to 16 years old respectfully.

All together we have the number of 220 orphans in our orphanage.

Our staff Names:

  • Pastor Fredrick Makhanu Wafula- Director of staff.

  • Pastor Wenslaus Wekesa Simiyu- secretary.

  • Pastor Augustine Shikuku Mukholi.--- Treasurer.

  • Sister Centrine Siara- Children Nurse.

  • Sarah Wanyonyi—Children Nurse.

  • Redempta Machuma --leader of caretakers..

  • Margrine Sikuku --- Assistant leader of caretaker.

  • Melyne Wepukhulu---Matron.

  • Rose Weke.—Leader of Kicthen.

Thanks looking forward to hear from you..

Pastor Fredrick Makhanu..

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