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I greet you in the most exalted name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

MY MINISTRY My name is New Hope Ministries INDIA is a non-profit organization that serves and cares for disabled, orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children. It was founded and is being directed by M. Giri Babu, who dedicated his life to the service of the ignored and ignored people of India.

We are specifically serving orphaned children between tribal and backward areas, where people are illiterate and very poor. We have been serving them for more than 10 years. We were helping them with food, products, clothing, medicine and awareness fields. In addition, we are serving the village children in the educational field. We give free classes to poor children through paid teachers. We also give them clothes, shoes and study materials.

The main reasons why we take care of these children from the southern tribes are:

1. There are no orphanages like in South India.

2. Terrorist groups are attracting these young orphans by offering large sums of money. Then they take them to the jungle to train them and teach them to be antisocial.

3. Mafia groups also attract these children and use them for drug trafficking. Almost 30% of children, girls and people in the villages are becoming victims of drugs such as opium, ganja, cocaine and some local plants and adhesives to make them addicted.

Since it is circulating freely within these groups, younger generations are the most affected. Therefore, we consider that this is a very serious problem, and we have made it our goal to save orphaned children from the hands of these antisocial elements. After our research and personal inspection, we have decided to take more orphaned children from these tribal villages. Now, we place them in good schools and give them special help with their studies. These children are doing well and that makes us very happy. This is the first time in India that the orphan children of the tribes study in the main schools and get good grades. Please pray for us as we continue in these efforts.

New Hope Ministries

Contact: M. Giri Babu


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